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 The sky began to form light shades of grey clouds as you looked out the window.

"I don't want to leave my father, but it's his request..."  You thought to yourself as your luggage was next to you.

 The car made a sudden stop and you were jerked forward.  The seat belt left a little scrape after it stopped automatically to prevent you from falling forward.  You pulled at it a few times to let it lose and you unbuckled it.  You stepped out of the car grabbing your bag and the car soon drove off.  You stood before a large black steel gate.  You flinched when a small droplet of water fell onto your head.  You looked up and felt one more drop on your cheek.  The gate began to open up and you walked through.  The rain began to pour faster and you started to run.  Soon you were in front of a large set of doors.  Your head turned to each side to see this was not an ordinary house; it was a massive mansion.  You noticed a large handle and began to bang it against the door.  You listened as the knocks echoed into the open space and by the third knock, the handle slipped from your hand and the doors flew open.

"Hello...?"  You stepped through the doorway with caution.

 You freaked out when the doors slammed behind you.  The mansion was very dim and you couldn't see a lot.  A large stair case stood before and columns held up the ceiling.  You began to walk down the long hall.  You looked over to the right and saw a pair of legs on a couch.  You took a double take before walking over and got closer.  You gently set your suitcase on the ground and stood before a young man sleeping on the couch; or so it appeared.  Kneeling before the male, you set your ear near his mouth.  The more you looked down at his torso, you didn't see his chest moving.

"H-He's not b-breathing..."  Your heart started to race.

 Slowly taking a step back, you carefully examined him.  He wore a uniform of some sort with an unbuttoned dress shirt with a black jacket on.  One of the legs was rolled up revealing his pale skin while the other was still covered in black fabric.  His right leg laid on the arm rest and you could see his sneakers.  As you looked back at him, you also saw an untied red tie that was slung towards his left side.  He had such beautiful looking reddish brown hair with small white tips; even though it was quite messy.  Slowly putting your head on his chest, there was a faint beat of his heart.

"Hello...?  Hello?!"  You began to shake the stranger gently.

 Soon yellow and green colored eyes pierced your heart.  The man grabbed your wrist, throwing you onto the couch.

"You're so noisy..."  The man's voice was stern and very cranky.

"I-I'm s-sorry..."  Your heart filled with fear as the man sat partially on the couch and pinned your wrists together.

"You look quite...delicious..."  He whispered seductively into your ear.

 You watched as he lowered his head on your neck and your cheeks turned bright pink.  

"Ahh..."  A small squeal emerged from your throat as you felt his tongue graze your neck.

"You can struggle all you want, but you won't get away from me!"  A crazed look wiped out his vision.

 You closed your eyes before hearing a heavy breathing on your neck.  He opened his jaw showing off his sharp fangs that were hidden from your vision.  The young male was close to biting down on your precious neck, until an interruption occurred.

"Ayato!"  You heard a name being called from the other side of the foyer.

 Ayato's head shot straight up to face another man standing in front of him.

"You always have to ruin it don't you, Reiji?!"  He had a frustrated tone as he looked at Reiji.

 Ayato let go of your wrists and you sat up.  Your eyes gazed up at a rather tall male.  He also wore the jacket, but it had a very dark red tone to it.  His dress shirt was a lighter version of the red coat, but it was still dark.  The undershirt was black and it had a perfect tie tucked under.  Reiji wore very nice black dress pants and shoes.

"My deepest apologies; Ayato never can mind his manners."  Reiji looked at you through his glasses and scarlet red eyes.

 You were speechless as you were trying to process what just happened.  Suddenly, Ayato pulled you closer and removed the hair away from your neck.

"I noticed you have a little scar..."  Ayato pointed to the scratch from the seat belt that appeared earlier.  "That will only make me hungrier..."  Ayato whispered once more in your ear.

 You pushed him away as you stood up and Reiji caught you from behind.

"Now, explain why you're here."  Reiji's tone became very serious.

"My father had been asked to do a special job, but I wasn't allowed to accompany him.  So he sent me here..."  Your cheeks were heated and turning red as Reiji held you.

"I've never heard anything about you coming to this house."  Reiji seemed quite surprised.

 Without another word spoken, Reiji took hold of your wrist and guided you to the large staircase.

"Where are you taking me?"  You gave Reiji a scared look.

 He didn't respond and continued to run with you in his grasp.  When you looked down, you noticed that your bag was gone.  As Reiji held onto your wrist, you made it to a large doorway and he gently pushed it open.  Your eyes adjusted to the light filled room as Reiji walked ahead and sat down on a love seat.  You followed behind and sat on a large sofa.  Ayato stood next to Reiji as he continued to look at you.

"I hate to inform you, but we had no whereabouts of your arrival." Reiji looked at you with his scarlet eyes.

"Then why am I here then...?! "  Your words continued to trip over themselves as you spoke.  

"Eh, it seems that we have a very cute visitor tonight."  Another pair of the same yellow green eyes looked at you from above.

 The guy had the same reddish brown hair, but a little bit lighter than Ayato's and went down to his shoulders.  A black fedora was titled on his head and there was a red ribbon wrapped around the middle.  He wore a white dress shirt with the first undone and a skinny black tie.  His jacket had a fur hood that was under his shirt collar and black pants that went to his shins.  Your eyes gazed upon him from the railing of a indoor balcony that was leaning against.  He gave you a faint smile with his alluring eyes

"I must think of a new name for you..."  Suddenly, the man was sitting next to you on the couch and scooted closer as he grabbed your chin.  "I know...Bitch-chan..."  He slowly whispered into your ear.

 You felt your face close in onto his and his tongue grazed your cheek.

"Ne, I want a taste too..."  A somewhat childish voice came from behind you.

 Your head barely turned your head to see a boy who looked very young.  His hair was a light shade of purple and the same color encircled his eyes.  Most of his hair looked as if it were parted to his right.  His dark maroon vest stuck out from underneath his jacket.  Under the vest was a white dress shirt with a Victorian ruffled collar.  You could see a small thread of the string tie and a dark brown belt that went above his waist line.  His black pants went slightly bellow his knees and he wore brown dress shoes and short, white knee-socks.  He stared at you with bags under his purple eyes.

"She looks very sweet."  The male sat next to you and started licking your ear.

"P-Please stop....."  You felt your breathing become heavier.

 A loud bang distracted the two mesmerized gentlemen and they turned their heads.

"I thought I smelled something."  A man with white hair slammed his fist against the wall, leaving small cracks and a dent in the wall.

 The white haired man stood with gazing with his blood red eyes.  His attire included a red shirt with black pants and jacket.  There was a belt around him and you noticed that his shirt looked like it was shredded at the end.  His other hand held the necklace around his neck.

"Subaru, can't you see I'm in the middle of something?"  The taller male next to you held your chin again.  "Isn't that right, Bitch-chan...?"

 You pulled away from the two crazed men and stood up.  Subaru came up from behind you and held your wrists together.  

"You're the one who is causing me to lose sleep?!  Maybe I should take care of you right now."  You saw his blood eyes stab your soul.

"Laito, get that girl back.  We had her first."  The purple haired boy looked at Laito with a furious glare.

"Don't worry, Kanato, it will be easy to get Bitch-chan back..." Laito looked back at Kanato and titled his hat a little more.

"Do you guys ever know when to stop?"  You heard a voice emerge from the other side of the room.

 Your head turned to a man that laid on couch.  His curly blonde hair covered his eyes and a pair of ear buds plugged his ears and the cord led straight to a MP3 player attached to his neck.  His uniform was a dress shirt that was buttoned down and a beige sweater.  You could see his arms were lying on his stomach and the black jacket draped over him.  He also wore black jeans and brown dress shoes.  

"Shu, did you know that she was coming here?"  Reiji spoke up as Subaru kept hold of you.

"That 'she' you speak of was coming here all along.  I was contacted that we let her stay here as our guest."  Shu's eyes slowly opened, revealing the shining blue color.

"Why didn't you tell us before?!"  Subaru shouted as his grip moved from one of your wrists to your neck.

 You squirmed free from Subaru, but his fingers scratched the mark from the seat belt on your neck.  You squealed in pain as you fell on the ground and scraped your knee against the floor.  You titled your head up and saw glowing red eyes all around you.  

"W-What are t-they?!"  You held your breath as you lifted your hand away from your neck.

 You saw little drips of blood from the scratch and put your hand back on there.  You stood up against the wall, but Laito's hands were pinned on each side of you.

"Where do you think you're going, Bitch-chan...?"  He mused as you gripped your hand tighter on your hidden wound.  "Just one taste is all I want."  Laito grabbed onto your wrist and tried to yank it from your neck.

 Soon, Reiji stood next to Laito and blocked your left side.

"Consider this, you are now out prey.  If you try to escape, you will die."  His eyes turned blood lust red.

 You felt Laito remove his hand from your wrist that was on your neck and lift your chin.

"To think I don't even know your name yet for being so cute."  Laito whispered closely into your ear.  "Don't be afraid...You can tell me...."

"'____-__________'...."  You felt your heart race.

"It doesn't suit you very well.  You're still cute little Bitch-chan to me."  You felt his hand travel down your waist.

 You managed to escape from Laito and Reiji after you smacked Laito's hand away from your waist and ran.  You fled the room leaving all the guys in a frenzy mode.

"Vampires...they're vampires?!"  You ran all over the house trying to escape, but every time you ran, one of them found you.

"'_____________', you can't leave yet.  You must let me sample you once more."  Kanato stood in the hall with tables full of sweets.

 You watched as he walked over to you, but you just ran ahead of him.  Not noticing it, your hand was off your neck and the blood had dried.  As you kept running, you had bumped into someone and took a step back.  You saw Laito with one hand on the wall and the other on his hip.

"Bitch-chan, don't tell me you're leaving so soon."  The hand on his hip reached out and grabbed your face.

 Jerking your head out of his grasp, you ran past him and he titled his hat as he watched you run in horror.  You made it to the front of the mansion and noticed that the front door was locked.  A large fist punched the door on your right side.  Your hands were frozen in place on the door as you didn't turn around.  

"You will pay for interrupting my slumber."  Subaru whispered into your ear.

 You let go of the doors and rapidly ran the other direction.  You headed towards the stairs and the three previous vampires kept appearing. You made it upstairs as you opened the door to an unknown room and shut it behind you.  You looked around to see it was a small study room.  Before taking another set, someone pinned you down on the ground onto your back.  As you opened your eyes, you saw Ayato sitting on top of you with Reiji and Shu standing on each side of him.

"You've been very bad, '__________'..."  Ayato lowered his head down and whispered into your ear.

 Ayato lifted his head back up and gave you a devilish smirk.  Your eyes widened as you saw his hand cover you and everything turned into darkness.  
Welcome to Sadistic Lovers Reader Insert!  This Reader Insert that is based off the Anime and Otome game, Diabolik Lovers.  This story will be a Reader x Various, but some characters might have a chapter dedicated to them and the reader.  And yes, there will a Choose your Own Endings for each brother so that means this might drag on and take time.  I hope you will enjoy this and look for future updates~!
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