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August 1, 2013
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   Nagisa stood on the moving bus holding onto the handle that hung from the ceiling.  He sighed as he thought about that last person to ask to join the swim club.  When he looked up, he gasped in shock when he saw a blue haired boy running across from the bus.  Nagisa lunged away from the handle and smudged his face against the clear window.  Rei Ryugazaki always ran instead of taking the bus as training for the track team.  Some of the girls scooted away as they saw Nagisa's face smeared and pushed against the window.  His eyes sparkled with hope as he watched Rei run past the moving bus.

"I've got to tell the others!  I bet they will be so excited!!"

   You and Gou walked together from your hose to the school.  The two of you were still on the subject of who you liked.  Gou liked to joke around with you as you tried to stall her away from the subject.

"Do you know which guy you like the best?!"

"You can't rush this kind of thing.  I mean both guys are great, but they're more different than they think."

"True.  Now that I think about it, what if Makoto or Nagisa had a crush on you?"  Gou looked at you with wide eyes.

"Don't be ridiculous!  I'm sure if they had feelings for me, I'm pretty sure they would have already told me already."  Your cheeks started to turn a scarlet color.

"I see the way they treat you.  Nagisa even told me when you were fixing the pool that Makoto wrapped his arm around your shoulder.  Besides, Haruka hasn't even told you he likes you and I'm pretty sure he does and same goes with my brother."

    You sighed and titled your head to the side, but then Gou grabbed your shoulders and began to shake you with excitement.

"What if the entire swim team had a crush on you?!  It would be like a love square, pentagon thing.....whatever; you get the point!!"  Gou continued to shake you.

"Gou!!! Stop shaking me!!"  You grabbed a hold of her rough hands and gripped onto them.

"Fine, but only because you called me Gou.  Anyways, I'm being serious!  I've seen how each guy reacts around you."  She looked at your blushing cheeks.

    Gou began to poke at them and got a smirk on her face.

"See, you know it too.  You know what make it really interesting?!  If there was another guy on the swim team!!  Then it would be a love hexagon!!"  You saw Gou trying to shake you around again.

"Kou-chan, I think you're over thinking this.  There is no way four, possibly five, guys all have a crush on me.  Are you even listening to yourself?!"  You began to shake Gou around to see how she liked it.

"I envy you, '___________'!  Having four, possibly five, lovers?  Every fan girl's dream come true!  Especially me!!  I mean, have you looked at your swim team?  Their bodies are so muscular!!"  Gou began to fan girl.  "That excludes my brother in my situation; that's just weird...."

     You gave a light face palm and began to walk ahead of Gou.  Gou snapped out of fan girl mode and began to run to catch up to you.  You were getting closer to the school and Gou still pestered you about who you liked.  While you were talking, a guy ran into you and he fell to the ground.  You wiped your forehead and looked down.  You saw a pair of red glasses and picked them up.

"I'm so sorry!  I should have seen you coming!"  You held out your hand with the glasses held by your fingers.  "Are you alright?"

"No, I'm sorry, I should have......"  Rei looked into your shimmering '___e/c___' eyes.  "I-I don't think we've met before.  M-My name is R-Rei Ryugazaki...."  Rei gently took the glasses from your delicate fingers as he continued to stare at you.

"I'm '___________' '_____l/n_____'."  You gave him a bright smile and helped him off the ground.

      Gou stood behind you and looked over your shoulder.  She got a smirk on her face as she watched the two of you talk with each other.

"I'm sorry again.  Maybe we can meet later."  Rei adjusted his glasses over his light purple eyes.

"That's very sweet, but I'm busy after school.  We can work things out if you would like!"  You gave Rei a big smile.

"A-Alright; see you later...."

      You waved to him as he entered the gate to the school.  When you turned around to Gou, her eyes gave a sly look.


"I told hexagon...."  Gou began to make a hexagon shape with her fingers.

"Let's just get to class already...."  You dragged Gou by her wrist and walked through the gate.

              -------------------------- Lunch Time: Roof ------------------------

"Guys!!  I think I've found a new member to add to the team!!"  Nagisa was practically jumping up and down.

"That's great, Nagisa, who is it?"  You looked at him with a curious look.

"Rei Ryugazaki!"

       You held your breath as you let the name sink into your ears.

"You mean the guy on the track team?"  Makoto spoke up.

"Yeah!  I saw him run past my bus stop and he was super fast!!  I bet he's a fast swimmer!"

"Nagisa, we can't just assume he's a swimmer."  Haruka looked at Nagisa with a blank expression.

       You sat there in silence as you listened to the guys discuss.  Makoto looked at you to see you had a shocked expression.

"Is there something the matter?"  Makoto placed his hand on your shoulder.

"Oh, it's nothing.  I was just thinking about Nagisa's idea."  You gave Makoto a smile.

"Have you even asked him?"  Haruka asked Nagisa with a curious look.

"Not yet, but I decided I'm going to run with Rei-chan and see if he wants to join."

"Don't bother him too much, Nagisa; if you do, he might get annoyed and might not want to join.  You've been known to be very impatient."  Makoto teased him.

"Since when am I the one to pester people?!"

      You, Haruka, and Makoto each looked at each other with shifting eyes.  Nagisa crossed his arms and acted like a little kid.  You gave a small giggle and tried to hide your smiling face.  Nagisa's cheeks turned a bright pink when he heard your tiny laughter.  You couldn't see it, but Gou was peeping from the corner and she watched as you continued to laugh at Nagisa as she watched his cheeks turn a shade darker.  She smirked as she continued to spy on the four of you to prove her point.

"So, Haruka, I was thinking lately and I think we should hang out more often.  Would you like to go swimming with me later?"  You finished your care free laughing and looked at Haruka with sparkling eyes.

      Haruka hesitated as he became lost in your beautiful '____e/c____' eyes that stared back at him.  Gou scooted herself forward as she watched the moment unfold.

"S-Sure...did you want to swim at the beach?  I-I'm not sure if it's warm enough yet...."  Haruka started stuttering

"What do you mean?  That's so unlike you, Haruka; you swim no matter what the weather is!  It will be fun, I promise!"  You grasped onto one of Haruka's hands.


"Great!  I can meet you there if you want."  You flashed him a smile.

"That's okay.  I can come and get you."  Haruka turned his head like he used to do when he talked to you.

"Perfect!  I'll see you later then!"  You got up and grabbed your bag.

"Where are you going, '___________'-chan?"  Nagisa stood up and grabbed your hand.

"Don't worry about it!  I'll be fine!"  You gave him a big smile and slid your fingers out of his grasp.

      Nagisa just stood there as he watched you walk away.  When he sat down, he saw a smirk on Makoto's face and he turned to Haruka.

"What?"  Haruka looked at both of them with an emotionless look.

"You don't realize what just happened; do you?!"  Makoto winked over at Nagisa, who was a little confused.

"I don't understand what you're saying..."  Haruka narrowed his eyes.

"Haru-chan, '___________' basically asked you out on a date!!"  Nagisa stood up and looked down at Haruka with wide eyes.

      It took him a moment, but then his face turned a lush red color.  Makoto and Nagisa got mischievous smirks on their faces.

"I was just doing it so I could swim."  Haruka turned his head and closed his eyes to shun his friends.

"Don't deny it, Haru-chan!!  '__________' asked you out and you know it!  You just can't accept that!"  Makoto placed one hand on Haruka's shoulder.

"I bet '__________' and Haruka are going to kiss!"  Nagisa teased.

"S-Shush....."  Haruka's cheeks turned scarlet red.

"Look at his face!  His cheeks are as red as a tomato."  Makoto poked one finger into Haruka's cheek.

      Haruka slapped Makoto's hand away and continued to shun the teasing boys.  Gou just stood in her secret spot and began to fan girl over all of the guys.

"They're just so cute when they act this way!  I really do envy '____________'!!  All of these handsome guys are steps to her large throne.  I really need to talk to her!"  Gou carefully crept so that the guys couldn't see her.

"Well, I guess I'll be off too!!  I need to go find Rei-chan!"  Nagisa stood up and ran off.

      It was just Makoto and Haruka left sitting up top of the roof.  All Makoto did was get on Haruka's nerves as he kept pestering him about you.

"And you thought Nagisa was the one who constantly pestered other people."  Haruka had tiny smirk on his face as he watched Makoto get upset.

"Hey!!"  Makoto gave Haruka a small shove.        
This is Ch.6 of Free Style Reader Insert!! I hope you enjoy it and look for future chapters!! :D
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