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July 29, 2013
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----------------------- A Few Days Later -----------------------

"After turning in your form, you've been approved!!"  Miss Ama-chan held the signed document.

"I'm so excited!!"  Nagisa turned to Ama-chan and then turned to you giving you a hug.

"Although, there are a few things you will need to do before this can be an official club...."  Ama-chan held the paper over her lips.

"We're willing to do anything!!"  Makoto spoke up as soon as he could.

   Miss Ama-chan got up from her seat and guided you out of the building and across the way.  She opened a small steel gate and all of your eyes opened wide.

"You must clean the pool out and restore it to its formal glory."  

"Wow!  There's so much nature!"  Nagisa looked all around the pool.

   Vines and plant life soiled the hidden pool from your eyes.  There was so much moss and plants that you could barely see the walls and flooring of the pool.  You and Haruka stood behind everyone and you were about to back away, but Nagisa and Makoto grabbed your hands.

"There's no backing down from this!"  Nagisa held onto your hand and smiled with his eyes closed.

"We already decided we would do anything to make this club happen."  Makoto gave the same expression to Haruka.

   The two of you looked at each other and sighed.  The first thing you did was go back and get some casual clothing on.  Ama-chan provided gloves so that you could pull out all of the weeds that invested the bottom.  The four of you pulled out what seemed like millions of greenery from the surface of the floor to the sides of the walls.  All Miss Ama-chan did was sit in a chair and watched as she shrouded herself with an umbrella with an ice cold drink in her hand.  After getting the vines and plants off of the pool and gates, Miss Ama-chan offered you guys a ride in her light pink car.  She drove the four of you to a hardware store where you could get supplies to paint the walls and flooring again.  While you were talking to Nagisa and Makoto about the materials you should use to do the flooring, you glanced over to see Haruka was standing in front of a large fish tank full of water and he began to un-button his shirt.  You shrieked and ran over to him as fast as you could.  You grabbed onto his hand before he could sit in the water.  You looked down his torso and saw him swim suit.  You sighed and made him put back on all of his clothes and you dragged him everywhere you went.  By the time you made it back to the empty pool, each of you went to work on painting parts of the pool.  You and Makoto re-painted the fence while Nagisa and Haruka worked inside of the pool.

“Makoto, I never told you this, but a long time ago, Rin and Haruka had a race.”  This slipped your mind after seeing the race.

“A race?  Do you mean the one a few days ago?”

“No.  A few years back, Haruka and I were on our way home and we always passed the swim club.  As we were walking together, we ran into Coach Sasabe, who was closing it for the season, and Rin.  Haruka and Rin thought it would be a good idea to race against each other before it got closed down.”

“What does this have to do with anything?”  Makoto interrupted you while you were thinking about what to say next.

“Just wait!  Anyway, they went inside and got changed.  Sasabe gave the starting signal and they were off.  Haruka easily won the match, but Rin was pretty upset about it.  When the two stepped out of the water, there was a menacing spark between them.  I remember as Rin passed Haruka, Rin let his goggles fall to the ground and he didn’t even look at Haruka. Rin did turn around and wave to me, but then he left.  Now that I think about it, this is why Haruka let Rin win the race; because he hurt Rin.”

“‘____________’, how come you didn’t tell me this earlier?  We could have negotiated…”

“I happened to run into Coach Sasabe last night…..”

“You did?!  How was he?”

“He was fine.  He works part time as a pizza delivery man.  Sasabe asked if we had seen Rin, and then he reminded me of that race they had.”

“I see; it all makes sense now.  Thank you for letting me know ‘____________’.”  Makoto scooted closer to you and placed one arm over your shoulder.

     You felt your cheeks heat up as he sat there with you.  As the two of you sat together, a shadow overcast you two and you each turned around to see Miss Ama-chan.

“Excuse me…….”  Her eyes were closed and arms crossed over her chest.

      Makoto got his shoulder off of you and the two of you looked away with blushing cheeks.

“Now that I have your attention, I’ve told the others there is one small problem; you need a minimum of four people on your team.  You need to find one more person before you are able to compete.”
“You didn’t tell us earlier?”  You looked at Miss Ama-chan with a confused look.

        She shrugged and then walked off.  You sighed in disappointment as you got up and waited for the other guys.  They walked with you and you went with them in an old locker room for guys.

“Man, how are we going to get other people to join?”  Nagisa stretched his body across a bench.

        Him and Makoto looked at you while you sat next to Haruka and spark sprung into their heads.

“I know!!  Let’s get Miss Ama-chan to design a swim suit for ‘____________’-chan and we can put it on a poster saying you can see ‘___________’ in a swimsuit if you join!” Nagisa sat up with excitement.

        Makoto shook his head in agreement, but then he freaked out and pointed behind Nagisa.


“Do you want to tell me your brilliant idea?!”  You spoke in a sarcastic yet angry tone.

“N-Never mind….”  Nagisa held up his hands for protection.

“There is no way I’ll design a swim suit…”  Ama-chan stood with her hands crossed over her chest looking at the guys with a frustrated look.

“I-I was only kidding!”  Nagisa placed his arms over his head.

         You and Ama-chan began to laugh as you watched Nagisa try to protect himself.  

“Maybe we should get started on ways to convince others to join.”  You suggested the idea as you got your bag.

          The first thing you did was try and make posters to hang around the school.  You asked the art club if they were willing to let you make your posters why they did whatever they needed to do.  Nagisa was finished first and it looked very colorful; almost too colorful.  You asked to see Haruka’s and you about passed out.  The picture was so detailed and there was the view of the beach and someone standing there watching the sunset while these little angles surrounded him and the logo that said Join the Iwatobi Swim Club.  Everyone looked with amazement, but then the art Club tried to take Haruka and convince him to join their club.  Nagisa grabbed onto his feet as he held on desperately while Haruka was staring blankly as he lay in the floor being dragged in two directions.  Makoto was just standing there trying to get the Art Club to listen.  After settling all of the chaos, you made copies of Haruka’s poster and began to hang them all around.  Unfortunately, nobody seemed to pay attention to the decorative signs.  Nagisa came up with the idea of a little mascot to hand out to people.  The four of you made sketches and Haruka ultimately had his picked.  It was a little bird thing that was different colors.  Later that day, he began to crave out the little birds and the rest of you painted them.  You paused for a minute and thought for a minute.  You pulled out your phone and searched for Gou in your contacts.

“Kou, can you please go see if your brother is at the Samsuka Swim Academy.  I need to ask him a favor…..”

      You hit the okay button and watched your message being sent to Gou.  You closed your phone and stuck it back in your pocket.

“If I can get Rin to join our swim club, maybe he can change back to his old self.  It’s like Gou said, I’m the only one who can get Rin to change back.”  You smiled to yourself as you thought of the plan.

     ----------------------------- Samezuka Swim Academy --------------------------

“I’m looking for Matsuoka Rin.”  Gou stood before the secretary.

“Let’s see…..I’m sorry, but he’s not available at the moment.  You’re welcome to check if you like.”

“Alright; thank you.”  Gou made her way towards the back.

          She opened the door to seen masculine guys standing all around.

“They’re all so gorgeous!  Their bodies have so much muscle!”  She blinked her twinkling eyes as her cheeks flushed a rosy pink.

“So, you must be the girl looking for her older brother.  Hey…you’re kind of cute.”  The orange haired boy’s cheeks turned the same pink color as Gou’s.

“Well thank you!  I was looking for my brother Rin Matsuoka.”

“That name doesn’t ring a bell.  We don’t have a guy named Rin on the swim team.”

“Huh………”  Gou looked at him with a surprised look.

                ------------------------------- Your House ------------------------------

“And that’s when he told me that Rin wasn’t on the swim team.”  Gou did your nails as you sat there listening to every word.

“That’s so weird.  When we snuck into the Academy, I could have sworn I saw your brother’s name on a locker.”  You pulled away your hand so your nails could dry.

“Maybe that’s just his regular locker, but it seems odd that Rin wouldn’t compete with the swim team.”

        You froze up after hearing that last line.  Gou saw your frozen shocked face.

“‘_______________’, are you alright?”

“I’m fine!  I was just thinking!”  You gave her a bright smile and happy tone.  “I think my nails are done.  How about I do yours?  I can do a really cool design if you want.”

“Are you sure you’re okay? You seem a little panicked.”  Gou held onto your hands on your lap.

“Yes, I’m sure.  I just needed to some to think about something; that’s all.”  You gave her a smile and held onto her hands.

        The two of you had fun conversations with each other as you did her nails.  It came down to that pain staking question; who did you like?

“So, are you going to tell me who your crush is?!”  Gou looked at you with those shining red eyes.

“It’s like I tell everyone, it’s for me to know and for you to figure out!”  You gave a small wink.

“Can I at least guess?”

“Go ahead.”

            Gou slipped her finished hand away from yours and whispered into your ear.

“It’s Haruka; isn’t it?”  Gou had a smirk on her face.

“W-Well…….yes and no…..”  Your cheeks turned a scarlet red.

“No; are you serious?!”

“How can you tell so easily, Gou?!”  

“I told you to call me Kou!  It’s so obvious.  I’ve seen the way you act around both of them and you can’t tell which guy you like better.”  Gou gave you another smirk.

“Well, at least you aren’t as clueless as Nagisa and Makoto.  They think I just like Haruka.”

“Gee thanks…..”  Gou rolled her eyes listening.

“You’re welcome!”  Both of you laughed at each other.  “Alright, your nails are done!!”

“Wow they look so cute!  I feel like I’ve seen this before.”

           You painted little dolphins on her nails that looked like they were jumping out of the water.  You felt your cheeks turned pink and you covered your cheeks in shame.  Gou looked at you for a mere second, then got that smirk again.

“Someone’s thinking about a certain someone!”  Gou nudged your arm.  Now I remember!  This is the same as your phone charm.  Let me see it!”  Gou held out her hands.

“I don’t h-have it…….”

“You don’t?  Why not?”

           Your cheeks turned even darker when you covered your eyes.

“Really, ‘_____________’?  You gave it to him…..”

“I was just trying to be nice!!”  You shouted with your tomato cheeks.

“Sure you were.”  Gou spoke sarcastically.  “You know I’m still your friend and I’ll support you with whichever path you chose!”  Gou hugged you without touching you with her nails.

“Thanks.  It means a lot to me!”  You hugged her back.
This is Ch.5 of Free Style Reader Insert! I hope you enjoy it and look for future chapters!! :D
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