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July 4, 2013
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   The next morning as you woke up, you decided to skip class today and stay here to ask you father some questions.  You got dressed into your uniform and headed to your father's office.  You opened the office door slowly and peaked in to make sure no one else was in there.  As you walked closer and closer, you heard a large snore echo off of the wall.  You crept closer to your father's desk, which was held together with some tape down the middle, and carefully reach your hand out to his chair.  You gently turned it around to see your father sound asleep in his chair.  You smiled and walked around the desk.  You quietly bent down towards his ear and began to whisper.

"Father, it's time to get up."  You spoke so softly.

   Before you could say anything else, your father's hand randomly smacked your cheek and you fell to the ground.  The large impact caused your father to spring out of his chair; only to see his loving daughter on the ground.

"'________'!  I'm so sorry!  Daddy didn't mean to hurt you!"  Your father yanked your arm and he hugged you tightly.

"It's f-fine.  Now, c-could you please let g-go of me?  I-I can barely breathe!"  You used your hands and pushed his loving arms away from you.

   He let you go and you plopped to the ground.  As you got back onto your feet, you walked over and got another chair to sit in.  You picked up the wooden chair and placed it in front of the desk.  You sat there and waited for your father to calm down.

"'________'!  Why aren't you in class?"  The idea just popped into your father's head.

"That's not important right now.  What is important is what I'm going to ask you."  You folded your hands together and sat them on your lap.  "Father, how did Zero become a vampire?"  Your eyes were filled with curiosity.

"Humph, I figured you would ask me that."  Your father smiled at you as he sat down.  "You see, Zero was bitten by a pureblood vampire."

"A pureblood?"  You titled your head a little.

"This type of vampire is superior to other vampires and is considered a "leader" to other vampires, but this pureblood was different.  Her name is Shizuka Hio and she killed all of Zero's family.  Zero was left all alone, until Shizuka bit Zero.  Only purebloods can turn humans into vampires.  Zero kept all his temptations building inside of him that he couldn't take it any longer.  If Zero continues to act up like this, he we fall to a Level E which is a vampire that used to be a human, but can't control their urges to drink blood."  Your father folded his hand onto his desk and stared at you.

"I just don't understand why he couldn't just tell me.  I would have helped him."  Your hair covered your shameful eyes.

"This is all he told me last night; he didn't tell you because he didn't want you to live in fear of him.  He wanted to keep you safe."  Your father stood up from his chair and walked over to you.

"All this time, Zero actually cared about me.  He never even showed one bit of care for me."  You thought to yourself as you thought about Zero.

"'__________', how about you talk to Zero tonight?  I think he will appreciate it."  Your father stood before you and smiled.

"Are you sure?  I don't want to make him feel bad."  You gave a little faint smile.

    Your father just put a hand on our shoulder and gave you a big smile.  You stood up and walked towards the door.  You twisted the knob and went through the hall.  You were going to go into your bedroom, but you kept on walking without stopping.  You made it to the wooden staircase where the truth unveiled itself.  Flashbacks of the blood dripping down from Zero's stained teeth appeared right before your eyes.  You shook your head in disbelief as the sunlight shined down onto the ground.  You walked away from the scene and went into your room.  You quietly shut your door and went over to your bed.  You sat on your soft sheets as you thought about last night.  As you were lost in thoughts, a large knock peered its way through your door.  Before you could say come in, the door swung open and a large man stood before your door.  He had black hair that went down to his shoulder and covered most of the right side of his face.  There was a strange patch over his right eye and looked like it was made out of a leather material.  He wore dark grey color jacket and pants.  Under his coat was a white shirt with a collar that extended at the top and a light grey tie that had two ribbons on it.  

"I'm sorry.  I thought this was Kaien Cross's office."  His light, pale left eyes stared at you as he talked with his husky voice.

"It's okay.  He's right next door."  You pointed towards you wall.

"Thank you.  Sorry to bother you."  He turned around and started to walk over to your father's office.

    As he turned around, you noticed a large musket that was attached on a strap that hung over his back.  You just stared at his back as he drifted off into your father's office.  You shrugged it off and continued to think to yourself.

"This is nice for me to have some peace and quiet for once."  You gave yourself a pat on the back.

    Soon, your father came to your doorway and stood before you.

"Kaname would like to speak with you; in his dorm."  Your father had a very serious tone in his voice.

    You cocked your head in confusion as you listened to your father.  You just went with it and just left your father ranting in your room.  As you made your way outside, you looked every direction to make sure you weren't being followed by any of the crazed fan girls.  You got the idea to wear your Disciplinary Band in case people would ask you questions about you going through the night class gate.  You crept along the school grounds and halls as you silently made your way to the gate.  You finally approached the gate and placed your hand on the frozen black bars.  You were about to push on the gate to open it, but it opened by itself.  You dragged your hands away from the gate and walked forward.  You barely took a few steps away from the gate and it closed shut behind you.  You flinched as the gates made a large banging noise.  You stayed calm and went onward.  You made it to the only dorm house and gently knocked on the door.  The door opened by itself and you stepped into the bright house.  It felt so weird not see anyone roaming about the dorms during the day.  The door slowly shut itself and made a loud creaking sound.  You saw a staircase and figured Kaname was upstairs, but you stopped; there was a weird feeling that you were being watched.  You took your first step on the wooden stairs and made a squeaky noise against the creaky wood.  You paused for a minute; there was a faint fizzing sound in the back ground.  You turned around to see a wooden that was near the far right side of the room and there were two couches; there was one on each side of the table.  You approached the table with caution as you saw a wine glass.  As you got closer, you saw that the coloring was blood red inside the clear glass.

"This is really creepy.  I just need to find Kaname and get out of here."  You thought to yourself as you walked away from the table.

    Just a few steps away from the table, you stepped on something and it made a soft crunching sound.  You removed your foot from that area and looked down at the ground.  You got down on one knee and put your finger down.

"White powder?"  What ever you crushed turned to white powder.

    You stood back up and rapidly ran to the stairs.  Suddenly, a large passed you from all around.  You looked in every direction to see what it was.  You looked one more time on each side and turned back to the stairs.

"Hello, '_________'."  A sly voice spoke in front of you.


"Shh, you wouldn't want to wake the others."  Aidou placed a finger over your terrified lips.

"Aidou, what are you doing?  You about gave me a heart attack!"  You freaked out as Aidou stared into your eyes.

"I just came here to comfort you."  You felt a hand creep along your back.

     You shivered as his fingers crawled up your spine.  You felt yourself step back as he forced to walk backwards.  You eventually walked away from the staircase and into the couch.  He sat you down as he sat next to you.  

"I heard what happened to your precious Zero.  You must be so scared and confused."  Aidou's hand never left your back while the other caressed your cheek.

"Just leave me alone."  Your eyes shifted to the ground.  

"I just want to help you feel better."  Aidou's hands pinned yours onto the couch.

     Soon he lowered his head down to your neck and breathed softly onto you neck.  You felt little kisses being gently placed onto your neck.  Your cheeks turned dark red and you felt a bead of sweat on your head.  He continued to give small kisses on your soft neck, but he suddenly stopped.

"Aidou, I suggest that you return to your room.  We're getting ready to do inspections from the Disciplinary Committee."  Kaname stood behind Aidou with bright red eyes.

"Lord Kaname, I was just trying to......"

"Just leave now Aidou."  Kaname's face was just inches away from Aidou's.

"Yes Lord Kaname."  Aidou released your hands and walked away.

      You watched him go up the stairs as he gave you a few last glances.  Soon Akatsuki met Aidou at the top of stairs and dragged him back to his room.  You sat there o the plush couch as Kaname sat down next to you.

"I'm sorry if he caused you discomfort.  He can be so troublesome sometimes."  Kaname eyed at the wine glass.  "Tell me, '_________', do you feel any better?"  Kaname gently put an arm behind you.

"I feel fine.  I'm just a little concerned about Zero."  You stared at the ground.

       As you peered over to the wine glass, you saw it shatter into a million pieces.  Your hearts stopped as you saw the blood like liquid ooze onto the table and then drip off onto the ground.  Your first instinct was to go and clean it up, but Kaname took a hold of your hand as you tried to clean up the mess.

"'__________', did he hurt you badly?"  Kaname yanked you back onto the couch and made you sit down.  

"Yes he did hurt me, but at the same time it wasn't that bad.  I can't stay mad at Zero; it's just how he is."  You smiled at the ground and your cheeks turned bright pink.

      You turned to Kaname and saw him stare at you.  You were afraid he was upset, but instead the arm that was behind you gave you a surprise sneak attack and he scooted you closer to him.  You felt your cheeks burn up.

"I'm just glad to see you're alright, but I want to be with you to make sure it doesn't happen again.  You never know the next time, he might kill you."  Kaname kept a tight grip on you.

      You gave a small gasp and pushed Kaname off of you.  You stood before him and had your hands tied up in fists.

"Why would you say that?  I know Zero and he's better than that."  You felt a tear pop out of your eye.

"'_________', you know it's true and it could happen."  Kaname stood up and stared at you.

      You just tightened your fists and stormed off to the door.  You gave one last glance at Kaname and just turned the handle and slammed the door behind you.  Kaname smirked and he thought to himself.

"'__________', you will be mine and I won't let Zero have you."      
This is Ch.4 of Blood Stained Girl! I hope you enjoy it and look for future chapters! :D
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