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Hey there Rice Bowls!  Yes, unfortunately I'm putting Boxer and Sock on Hiatus since my ideas for the series are starting to run dry.  I have the next chapter laid out, but the plot after that I have no idea what to do.  It's more of a writers block, but I can still write one-shots and finish up commissions.  So until I can think of a good plot for that, it will be on Hiatus!!  My plan at the moment is to release more one-shots since those ideas are still fresh in my mind and I've been typing them up so I don't forget them.  I'm sorry to do this, but with finals starting to slowly creep and stalk me, I want to be ready for those and also some things have been happening in my personal life that have kind of got me in a 'let's procrastinate on updates' mood.  I hope you guys understand how sorry I am about this and I hate not being able to think of anything or not updating on a series.  Hopefully I can get some one-shots out tonight since those can keep me chugging along.  I shall see you guys next update!!    
Hey Rice-Bowls!  So after searching through the internet as usual, I found my old Lunaescence account which I DEFINITELY did not forget about :D  And what's so great about that?  For those who are my earlier watchers may recall that deep dark spot in my soul where I wrote lemons for a while.  I eventually took them all down so that I didn't risk getting suspended after one had been reported and deleted from this account.  Lucky for anyone who read the first three will now be able to have access to them once again!!  I still have those first three lemons saved in word documents since they were probably the longest one-shots I had written.  Now you guys can live your strange fantasy of being with a fictional character in an alternate dimension (It sounds better out loud....)!  Also I should note that if you have been paying attention at all to this journal that you should NOT report that account as plagiarism and that it's a simple backup place where I can update my stories.  It is my personal account and you pretty much get the gist of it by now.  I do have my DA linked in that bio as well as the link to that account for the bio on the account.  So if you want to see some old stories, some new stories, or just want another place where you can access them, then feel free to look for that account!  The pen-name of my account is Wandering-Exorcist and I'm planning on changing my name on DA to that once I get a premium account!  Until then, happy readings my Rice Bowls and I shall see you on the next update!!        
Here's a link for you lovely…
 At Aoba Jousai, the crazed Valentine's Day was making all of the girls frantic over The Great King himself, Oikawa Tooru.  There have been several instances during the day where you had dodge out of the way to avoid to oncoming crowd of fangirls that were showering him with chocolates.  You did feel bad for the other guys because they didn't stand a chance, but a few guys here and there were fortunate to have a few girls come up to them and receive chocolates.  This holiday never did strike your interest.  Why bother?  The best things of being alone are eating whatever you want and not caring about appearances.  It seems that the girls of this school think differently than you do.  Either way, you just didn't care.  

 You sat peacefully in your homeroom classroom reading to yourself.  Soon several waves of squealing filled the room and your eyes shifted towards the door hesitantly.  You completely blanked out that Oikawa was in the same class since he was a total airhead.  Girls from other classes were desperately trying to enter the room in order to give him even more sweets, but your homeroom teacher ended up yelling at them to leave at once.  Oikawa was headed towards your direction once he set his bag down on the ground.  A few of the boxes he had received fell to the floor as they were overflowing in his backpack.

"So, '_______________', where are your chocolates~?"  Oikawa teased as he leaned against your desk with a sly smirk.

 You ignored the over-exaggerated man and kept your eyes glued into the book.  A hand gradually crept into the middle of the page and you looked up with annoyance.  There he was giving you an innocent smile as he was waiting for an answer.

"OWWW!!!"  The room was filled with a pained shout after you slammed the book with his hand still in it.  

 The people in the room started to laugh at "The Great King" as his hand was trapped in your book.

"H-Ha-ha...,'_____________'-chan,...y-you're so f-funny...!"  His eye was twitching as he kept a fake smile plastered on his lips.  

 You returned the smile before releasing the hardbound book from his hand and let it sprawl out on your desk.  He just stood in front of you with a pained expression as his other hand held onto his wrist and shook off the pain that stung his hand.  You dismissed his over the top reaction and gave you attention to the text.  You didn't have the chance to continue reading as both of his elbows were digging into the pages.  

"Don't tell me you haven't thought about me even once."  His head cocked to the side a bit with his sly smile returning.  

 You just shook your head and stood up from your desk.  The other students watched you as you swiped the book away from Oikawa and moved to another seat.  You propped your bag on the desk to block him out of your field of vision and held your book high in your face.  The male had no intentions of giving up as he was being the persistent type.  His fingers would glide themselves down each shoulder in a playful way as you kept reading.  He kept making all of these ridiculous sounds to get your attention so that you would turn around, but you kept to yourself the entire time.  The students and even homeroom teacher were starting to laugh a bit at the hopeless attempts that Oikawa tried.  As a somewhat last resort, he finally decided to move your with that regretful feeling in the back of his mind once he moved it.  He quickly went to his bag and retrieved one of the boxes of chocolate.

"Please, accept this."  He sounded very polite as he held the tiny parcel in front of you.

 Your head slightly peered over the book in curiosity to see the wrapped box in his hands.  One of your hands rapidly grabbed it, not for the chocolate part, but for the large tag sticking on it with several lines of kanji on it.

"'To my dear Oikawa-san, I hope you enjoy the chocolates I spent all night making-Yuuki...'"  You raised your eyebrows a bit after reading the tag out loud.

 You gently set the chocolate container down on the desk and buried your face in the book once more.

"I hate to break it to you, but I DO believe that is special delivery for you.  Besides, the girl is supposed to give something to the guy, not vice versa...That isn't until White Day."  You slowly closed your book and decided to give up on trying to read it anymore.  

 You brushed past Oikawa and got your bag that he had moved.

"Sensei, I would like to go out to the vending machine please."  You raised your hand in order to get your teacher's approval.

 The teacher allowed you to do this and you headed out of the room swiftly.  A few girls that returned after being yelled at were lined at the door with excitement on their face.  

"Is Oikawa-san in there?!"  They all spoke in unison with their hearts beating out of their chests.

"He sure is!  In fact, he told me that he was waiting for all of your delicious chocolates to be delivered to him during homeroom."  You spoke loudly on purpose as you went ahead of the girls as they stormed into the room.

 You were relieved when the juice box came out of the vending machine.  Your hands unraveled the wrapped around the straw before inserting it into the silver pocket that allowed you to drink the juice.  A satisfied sigh escaped your lips cheerfully as the refreshing liquid sent a nice taste in your mouth.  Your eyes gazed up at the vast sky that was raised above you.  A large black crow flew over you with a delayed shadow that casted over you.  You smiled to yourself as one hand reached into your bag.  In your hand was a tiny box you made with a few pieces of chocolate you made.

"I really hope he likes it.  Just seeing him at the match was pretty amazing."  You began to daydream about the male you saw at Karasuno during the practice match your school team had with them about a month ago.

 It may seem odd that you like probably one of the shortest people possible, but he was one of the cutest boys you had ever seen.  Also, what girl doesn't love saying they're taller than a guy?  Besides that, this guy known as Hinata is just so full of energy.  You've always liked guys who can bring out your loud and friendly side, but it's a little different with Oikawa.  He can definitely bring out your loud side; just not the way you want it to be.  

"I knew it!!"  You heard a voice call you out and it made you drop your chocolate and drink.

 You turned the other way to see Oikawa with a few scratches on his face and sweat rolling off his head.  You gave him and baffled look as you recollected your sealed box and disposed of the spilled drink on the ground.  

"How the Hell were you able to eavesdrop?!  You were left in class with a mob of girls!!"  You were starting to panic as you tried to stash the box back into your bag.  

 Oikawa dashed at you and took hold of your hand that held the boxed sweets.  He held it in front of each of you and he had a big smile on his face.

"So are you admitting that you were going to give me something on Valentine's Day?"  His voice became hitched with thrill and excitement as he saw the tiny parcel.

"N-No!!  You have it wrong!!  You idiot!!"  You tried to shake your wrist out of his grasp desperately to put it back in your bag.  

 As you said this, your cheeks were flushed red which didn't help your case at all.

"Then if these aren't for me, then who is it?"  He suddenly sounded irritated as the two of you were trying to fight for the box.

"That's none of your concern!!  Mind your own business!"  You were pulling at your own wrist restlessly trying to claim your item.

 Oikawa's hand then tazed your side which made you jerk awkwardly.  Your hand released the box and you fell to the ground after that strange sensation was sent down your side.  That smile of satisfaction disappeared as he began to read the small tag attached to the box.

"...Uh...What is this...?"  You could see the pure confusion slowly replace his happy expression.  "This is for...Chibi-chan?!"  Oikawa freaked out when he saw Hinata's name written on the tag.

 Your whole face turned red as you got yours act together and swiped the box from his hands.

"Yeah, now you know.  I hope you're happy!!"  You glared at him as you out the crinkled package in your bag with the zipper sealed all the way.        

 Oikawa stood there with a complete poker face as his emotions were unsure which one to display.  The confused male inched closer to you and stared you down with an empty look in his eyes.  Your hand waved itself in his face out of curiosity to see if his dazed eyes would follow.

"Creepy...last time I've seen those eyes are when he is at the volleyball tournaments."  You thought to yourself as your expression lost confidence and you were truly starting to get frightened.  

 That deep glare felt like it was entering your well being.

"Kya~!  There's Oikawa-san!"  There was one of his undying fans shouting behind him.

 Oikawa payed no attention to them and kept his stiff gazed fixated on you.  Soon wails and squeals of sadness echoed into every corner of the school as the girls witnessed something very grim.  You just stood there with rough lips pressed against yours in the heat of the moment.  You didn't move a muscle as his arms wrapped around you tightly and kept you in his embrace.  


"I'm sorry ladies, but you all know what I'm going to say."  Oikawa smiled to all of the depressed girls that surrounded him on this interesting White Day.

"But, Oikawa-san!  What about my gift?!  I didn't even see her give you anything!"  One of the girls protested with the others nodding their heads in agreement.

"What can I say?  My heart was set out on her."  He shrugged his shoulders as he slowly began to walk away from the girls.  

 You sat in your classroom with your earbuds stuck in your ears.  Your head was planted to the surface of the wooden desk as you waited for this day to end.  The door slid open and you could hear a large amount of girls whining fill up the room.  You took out one earbud from your ear and looked up slightly to see Oikawa walking in.  Your head gradually descended back onto the flat surface of your desk to ignore him.  His steps became louder as they were audible through your music.  He just stood there with a bright look on his face as you sulked at your desk.

"'_____________'-chan?"  One of his hands gently touched the top of your head and you shuddered.  

 With your head still down on the desk, you began to scoot your chair back far away with a scratching noise tearing at the floor.  Your chair stopped against the farthest wall of the room with your knees coming up and tucking themselves in with your arms and head buried in them.  Oikawa gave out a sigh before walking close to you once more.

"Happy White Day!"  His voice was full of cheer as you lifted your head up a bit so that your eyes peered from your folded arms.  

 You blinked at him before you took the audio jack from your phone to make the music stop.  

"I don't even know why you bothered.  I didn't give my present to you anyways..."  You began to pout a bit as you stood up to put your desk back.

 Oikawa began to assist you, but you dropped it so that one of the legs would land on his foot.  He ignored the stinging sensation in his foot as he had one hand behind his back.

"I still want you to have something!  There's no need to be sour about it."  He had his other arm around your shoulder after freeing his foot from the leg of your desk.  

 The arm that was hidden behind him revealed itself with a tiny box in his grasp.  You raised an eyebrow for a moment before seating yourself back down at your desk and the present was plopped down onto your desk.  He took the seat that was in front of you and sat backwards in the chair so he could see you open it up.  There was a red ribbon wrapped the box that kept the lid and body of the box attached to together.  You pulled at the first loose end of the ribbon and let the rest fall onto your desk.  You could feel the hesitation in your hands as each of them held onto the sides of the lid.

"You're making me nervous just looking at you."  He smirked a bit as both of his elbows were perched at the top of your desk with his head resting in his folded hands.  

"Don't spurt out that cliche crap on me..."  You just glared at him before tilting the lid open.

 You could feel a sharp pain in your heart as you caught a glimpse what was in the box.  

"What'cha think?  I thought they were pretty cute when I picked it out~."  His face had a large grin on it as your cheeks were blooming in crimson.

"You're telling me you picked this out?!"  Your hands rapidly reached into the box and set the present in your lap to make sure the other students couldn't see it.

 What you had in your lap was a very lacy pair of underwear.  The fabric was a light cream color that would show off any girls behind to the world.

"Are you some kind of pervert or something?!"  You grabbed onto the front of his uniform and whispered to him in an enraged voice.  "Do you think this is some kind of joke?"

"Jewelry is too expensive and white chocolates aren't that original.  So I thought I would do something to really surprise you."  That smug smile on his face was full of satisfaction.  "It's not like that wasn't one of my options.  I saw a lot of guys go into the same place as I was when I went to buy them!"

"Oh you really surprised me you freaking pervert!"  You smashed your forehead to his and let go of his uniform.

 He fell back onto the desk in front of him with the chair falling over on him.  With all the attention from the other students on Oikawa, you quickly stashed the embarrassing gift into your bag and left the classroom.  Instead of a bunch of cheering and uplifted girls, they all gave you a death glare.  You clicked your tongue at them as you just pushed through the crowd.

"If you want him so badly, you might as well go and rant to him directly."  You pointed to the fallen King on the floor and they all rushed in.    

 You basically left school without letting the office know of your absence for the rest of the day.  You were storming home with the wrinkled panties in your grasp.  The more you looked at it, the more it reminded you of that smug look on his face from earlier.  You reached into your bag to find the box and quickly smashed it back in there.  

"The nerve of that guy..."  Your teeth grinded together in annoyance as his face just kept popping into your head.  

"'______________'-chan!!  '_______________'-chan!!!"  For some reason, his voice was echoing behind you.

 With regret bubbling in your stomach, you turned around to see him running after you with something in his hand.  You jumped a bit before turning back around and making a run for it.  His steps were getting closer as a faint hand barely grabbed onto your bag.  You jerked your back to front to gain a better advantage, but it ended up turning for the worse.  When you swing the bag it went too far in front and then swished back far enough for Oikawa to grab onto it.  He did just that and you went flying back.  You fell back with your bag slung on the side of you.  You expected a harder landing after making impact; it was more of a soft and supportive catch when you fell back.  Your eyes and head turned slightly behind you to see Oikawa out of breath under your fallen body.  Your whole face turned red as you stepped on him as you got up and held your bag over your head.  

"W-Wait!!!  I can explain!!!"  He held up his hands in a frantic motion to keep you from hitting him in the face with your backpack.

 As his hands went flailing around, you saw your phone gripped in one of the panicked hands.  You set your bag carefully on the ground and stared at him.  He was a bit confused until he realized he had your phone still in his hand.  A slight sigh of relief came from him as he stood up and brushed off some of the dirt that got on him.

"Geez you're so cruel!"  Oikawa complained before handing you your phone back.  "Anyway, you left your phone on your desk after you stormed off."  He had both hands on his hips.

 You took hold of your phone and opened your bag back up.  No words were exchanged as he could see the white parcel he got for your with a bit of the panties sticking out of the corner.  Your face was heating up as you tossed your phone in there and closed it up quickly.

"You didn't throw it away?"  His tone was very surprised as he brought up the unforgettable present.  

"N-No!!  Do you know how weird that would be if people saw women's underwear in the trash can at school?"  You made up an excuse as to why you didn't do it earlier.  "Besides, I'm not that mean.  I'm not going to throw something away that someone bought for me.  Even if I do hate it with a passion."

 You watched as Oikawa's cheeks started to turn pink.  You raised an eyebrow at him in confusion as you saw his flushed expression.

"Why are you the one blushing? have some weird things that go through that head of yours."  You just ignored him and slowly departed from the scene.  

 You were quickly stopped as one of his hands gripped onto your shoulder.  To your surprise, an elated smile was on his lips with his cheeks still stained with a blush.

"So does this mean you'll give me a chance?"  

"Huh?!  What the Hell are you on about now?"  You were starting to get very baffled as the next conversation had begun.  

"You're the only girl I gave a present to in response to Valentine's Day.  His bright smile of realization was still shining on his face as he stood behind you.  

"I would have NEVER guessed that..."  Your eye twitched with your sarcastic tone.

"In other words, that means I've accepted you and wish to go out with you."  Soon his face started to flush again, but with a brighter shade of red.

 You turned yourself around to see this embarrassing display.

"I don't understand why you wouldn't pick one of the other girls.  They seem more interested than I do.  At this point I won't say no to you, but there's no guarantee that this will be a long relationship."  Your arms folded together with your foot tapping on the ground.

"Well, '______'-chan, they do say opposite attract~."  Oikawa wrapped one arm around your shoulder as he gave you this new nickname with your name shortened.  

"That's just something they say to people to get their hopes up...Also never call me that again!"  Your face was exploding in crimson as you removed his arm and stood away from him.  

"'_____'-chan!  '______'-chan!"  He began to tease you with this nickname and you covered your ears.  "To be honest, all those girls aren't interested in a regular relationship.  I did have a girlfriend a while ago and she was just like the rest of them; constantly following me or asking for pictures with me at games.  When she saw I was completely obsessed with volleyball, she dumped me.  I was a bit sad, but it was like a breath of fresh air."

 You had uncovered your ears and felt guilty for what you had done to him and said to him today and even what happened on Valentine's Day.  You could understand what he meant, but at the same time you weren't able to relate to him.  He was a popular figure in the eyes of those girls while you were just an average student like everyone else.  Although since Valentine's Day, Oikawa had been shadowing you to prove to the others that he wasn't interested in them.

"I knew that if I found some girl who wasn't crazy about me, maybe for once I would be a little happier.  I'm not saying I don't enjoy the attention I get.  It just gets old after a while."  He kept admitting these things to you as you stood there with a shameful expression.

"Alright I get it.  I will go out with you, but like I said, I can't guarantee it to be a long one."  You finally gave in to him and his eyes lit up.

 You were suddenly lifted off of the ground with your cheek being rubbed together with his.

"I promise to be a good boyfriend, '_____'-chan~!"  Oikawa kept you in the tight hug as he was filled with glee.

"Put me down!!"  You began to struggle a bit and he just laughed at you.  "I thought I told you not to call me that!!"  Your hands started to bang against his head in a very girly way.              
 He finally put you down with a satisfied smile on his face.  You took a deep breath as you began to recollect yourself.  

"Honestly I don't care if you're obsessed about volleyball.  I think it's nice how much passion you have for the sport."  You smiled at him a bit and you saw his cheeks turn pink.

"You'll even tolerate me when I'm watching a game?  Or when we go to games you won't care about the other girls? Or-"

 You stopped Oikawa as you wrapped your arms around his waist to make him stop talking.

"Yes.  I will tolerate all of it.  How long do you think I've tolerated you up until this point?  I used to ignore you, but seeing how you really feel I have to live with it now."  You looked at him with a slight smile on your lips and his face just turned red.

"You're too cute, '______'-chan~."  Oikawa set his head on top of yours as his hands wrapped around your waist as well.  

"Whatever..."  You gave out a sigh as you just stood there with him in your embrace.  

                  ------------------- Extended Ending ------------------

 Oikawa and you sat together as the two of you watched a volleyball game on the TV in his room.  You sat with your back against his chest and his legs on each side of you as well as his arms wrapped around you.  You had your arms wrapped around your legs as you enjoyed the warm hug he gave you.  It was a very awkward moment between the two of you though.  Every time he watched a game he wouldn't say a word and focused on each movement and play all the players made.  You would occasionally look at him to see this blank glare in his eyes.  Your hand reached for a bag of gummy bears and opened it.  As his attention was glued to the TV, you began to toss a few pieces at his face.  

"What are you doing?"  Oikawa shook his head and blinked at you as you held a gummy bear in your hand.  

"Isn't it obvious?  I'm just trying to get your attention."  You stuck your tongue out at him as you popped the gummy in your mouth.  

"Well you have my attention so what do you want?"  Oikawa reached for the remote that laid behind him on the bed and paused the recording of the game.  

"It's been at least two months since we started going out officially.  Do you think we could actually try going out on a date?"  You suggested as you ate another piece of candy.

"Huh?  Are you saying you don't enjoy the games we watch together?"  His voice was wining as his head began to rub on your back.

"I'm not saying that.  I just feel like we should try and go out more if we're really going to make this work."  You sighed a bit as his head just kept rubbing itself on your back.  

"Then where do you want to go?"  He stopped moving his head on your back and laid it on your shoulder.  

"I think you should come up with it.  You know good places to go; you told Iwaizumi where to take his date out."  You try to convince him a little more.

"Yeah, but that was Iwa-chan asking for advice.  You got to give planning like that some time."

 You just sat in silence as you tossed a gummy at his forehead.

"You're just trying to get out of going anywhere, aren't you?"  You finally figured him out and his cheeks turned pink.

"You're so cruel, '____'-chan."  His lips puckered out in a pouting expression.  

"I know."  You smiled at him before giving his forehead a kiss.  "I guess I will give you some time to think about it then."

 You slowly stood up from his lap and let your body stretch out.  You could feel his eyes looking straight at your bottom and your head turned to glare at him.

"Are those the panties I gave you~?"  His voice mused in amusement as he kept his eyes fixed on your behind.

"S-Shut up....they're comfortable."

 Oikawa just held up a peace sign with his tongue sticking out with a gleeful expression.

"I love you."  He spoke up behind and you turned around.

 You planted another kiss to his forehead, but he grabbed the back of your head to get a real kiss.  You felt your entire face turned red as he held another victory sign.
Oikawa Tooru x Reader One-Shot: Chance
This is a One-shot of Oikawa Tooru from Haikyu!!  He has to be one of my favorite characters...even if he is trash. :XD:  I hope you enjoy it and look for future updates on my other stories! (If you couldn't tell, this is my way of coping with writers block for my main stories-AKA procrastination) 
 You were in the storage room of the head quarters with Hanji assisting you in hunting for the supplies you were going to get.  The whole time you could feel your face flush in crimson as you were too shy to admit your feelings for him.  

"Hey, '______________'?"  His voice called you out which made you jump a bit from surprise.

"Yeah...?"  You responded quietly with your body twitching as you turned to his direction.

"Do you think we should use these?"  There he stood with some old things of rope he had used on Sawyer and Bean.

 You just shook your head in disapproval with your body turning back frantically to your pile of supplies.  

"Just tell him you wimp!!"  Your mind was trying to push you forward, but your well being was continuing to refuse.  

 The longer you waited, the more it made you anxious.  You took in a deep breath before walking over towards him with stiff movement and puffed out cheeks.  Your hand grabbed onto his shoulder and he turned around.  His eyes widened a bit to see your strange appearance, but then the corner of his lips started to turn into a bright smile.

"I get it!"  He spoke cheerfully and your eyes had a baffled look in them.

"G-Get what?"  You were uneasy as you figured he understand what was happening.  

"You're wanting to do everything, but you're too afraid that you'll make a mistake in front of me."

 You could feel the inside of your head slowly implode on itself as your hands let go of his shoulder and you held the jittery smile on your lips.  Your eye began to twitch a bit with Hanji's expression starting to turn unsteady.

"'_____-_________'..?"  His hand reached out to you and then started to wave in your face.

 You began to breathe in through your nose and let it out from your mouth as you weren't sure what to say at this point.

"Just forget it..."  You turned away quickly and continued to browse through the materials.  

 This time he placed one hand on your shoulder and kept you in place.  

"You might as well tell me now since you got me involved."  The dim light reflected in his glasses and your eyes shifted over towards his direction.

 Another deep sigh left your lips before you turned yourself around.  You felt your body shiver a bit as you were about to confess to Hanji.

"Look...I'm not sure how else to put it, but I really like you, Hanji-san.  I was always too afraid to say something since you were so absorbed in your research and figured having time for a relationship with you would have seemed ridiculous to you."  You started to let the words flow out themselves as you gave him your little speech.

 Dead silence took up the room as it became relevant to his unsure reactions.  There weren't any words exchanged between you; only a strong embrace was that initial reaction he gave to you.  You stood there in his strong grasp and his breathing slowed down a bit.  One hand was placed on the back of your head and gripped tightly onto your hair.  The other hand was wrapped around your waist to keep you secured to him.  Your arms slowly wrapped around the back of his neck with a faint ink blush across your cheeks.  Your eyes shifted towards his head as it started to burrow itself in your shoulder.

"Hanji?  Do you feel the same way?"  You spoke up quietly as you felt his grip tense up.  

"Did you really think I wouldn't put you before my research?"  He questioned nonchalantly which made you jump a bit.  

"I'll be honest; I really thought you wouldn't.  Even when we were younger you would be so lost in your research that it was hard for me to say anything about this.  Being the wild person you are, it would seem silly to hold you down like that.  It doesn't mean I still don't like you for that."  You smiled to yourself as your head leaned to the side to touch his.  

"I still care for humanity too, '______________'.  It's not just about the Titans.  I just want to understand how they live from their perspective.  Somethings are overlooked anymore and I want to go in depth to that."  He began to explain himself a bit more and you just continued to stand in his firm embrace.  "That doesn't mean I wouldn't care about you either..."

 The two of you were locked into one another's grasps without moving a muscle.  

"So then, do you accept my confession..?"  You broke the calm silence and lifted himself off of your shoulder and you moved your head.  

 His face was in front of your with the goofy looking smile on his face as he nodded slowly.  You just smiled back and pulled him into your embrace once more.  

"Hanji!!  '_______________'  It's an emergency!!!"  You heard one of the others from the Levi Squad interrupt you and you both let go of one another.  

 You turned your heads to one another before running out of the storage room and following the Squad member.  The three of you rushed outside and saw something out of the ordinary.  There was Eren who appeared to be sitting on the shoulder blades of a Titan's shoulder.  It wasn't a full grown Titan though.  It showed to have muscle on its right side while the skeletal remains of the rib cage was protruding from the left side.  The only part of the torso that was in the ground was only the upper half of the chest as well as the arm.  There was Levi with his bland face as usual standing in front of Eren.  

"What the Hell happened?"  You tried to walk closer, but Levi held his blade towards you.  

 His eyes narrowed down to warn you to stay back.  You took a few steps back and looked towards Hanji for a split second.  You swear you could see drool coming out of his mouth as the excitement gradually poured from his expression.

"EREN!!!!"  He shouted loudly before rushing past Levi to get a closer look.  "Won't you please let me touch the arm?!"

"I-I don't think that's a good idea!!"  Eren was frantic as his right hand was attached to where the neck of the Titan would be.

"Just one touch; I'M BEGGING YOU!!"  Hanji had a crazed look in his eyes as he inched forward with his hands out in front of him.

"Hanji-san!!"  The young male was frantic as Hanji gradually put his hands on the muscular right arm.

 You watched in horror as steam eroded from the tense muscle to his hands.  

"OW!!!!"  Hanji panicked as he tore away and slid out onto the ground.  "Son of a b*tch that was hot!!!!"  He held out his hands in front of them and saw them blister red.

 You went over towards Hanji and held his hands in yours.  

"Let's go run your hands under some water..."  You tried to suggest this to him, but he immediately stood up and directed his attention back to Eren.  

 You felt yourself become discouraged after all those things you had told him.  The way he worded his words did make it sound like you were still going to have his attention, but from the looks of it, that may not be all true.  You decided to take it upon yourself to go back into head quarters to get him a wet towel so his hands wouldn't blister further.  Levi was the only noticed you departing back into the castle with slow movements.  With Hanji's attention set straightly on Eren, he walked a bit closer to Eren with his eyes still narrowed down.

"Take your hand out, Jaeger."  He commanded and saw Hanji's expression drop.

"NO!!  HE CAN'T!!  I haven't had proper time to examine it!!"  Hanji held his very panicked look.

"Do it now!"  Levi was serious as he gave Eren another command.  

 As Eren struggled to take his hand out, Hanji's panicking became worse by the second as Eren was trying desperately to take his hand out of the strange Titan body.  Levi used this as an opportunity and carefully left the scene.  He could hear Eren fall to the ground as he managed to get his hand free with the older male screaming as he saw the body begin to evaporate.

"NOOO!!"  Hanji shouted several times as his hands were on each side of his head.  


 You stood over the water faucet inside the castle with your eyes starting to tear up.  You had to wipe your arm over your eyes a few times to keep them back, but it became a useless task.  Soon you felt yourself crying silently to yourself as you let the towel soak up the water.  Faint sniffles from your nose kept going as you stood there.  

"What kind of soldier are you?"  Levi spoke up from behind you and you kept your eyes focused on the flowing water.  

 You were ashamed to show him this disgraceful appearance that you had on your face.  He walked behind you until his short stature towered over you.  

"You told him, didn't you?"  His voice was nonchalant as usual and you nodded your head.  

"I did...he acted like he accepted it...but then again, I don't think so..."  You kept your voice from stuttering since you were crying a little bit.  

 He stood behind you in complete silence and you could feel yourself tense up a bit.  

"I still don't understand what you see in that pig anyways.  His fascinations creep me out."  Levi finally spoke up and you could feel your eyebrows furrow down a bit.

"You're the one who creeps me out, Heichou.  I've seen the way you talk to Titans when you're slaying them all over the place.  I swear sometimes you're a real sadistic person..."  You started to admit these things to him and it made him a bit irritated.

 Levi had no hesitation in grabbing the top of your head by your hair and pulling your head up.  You had one eye shut as the force on your head started to sting a bit.  

"We're not here to talk about my possible sadistic traits, '_______________'.  I'm more invested in what that pig had to say to you."  A dark shadow covered parts of his eyes and made his pupils stand out.  

 You managed to grab onto his wrist and pull it out of your hair while getting his sleeve wet.  You heard him click his tongue to his teeth as he took the handkerchief from his his shirt and began to soak up the water off of his uniform.  You stood up with the drenched towel and turned off the water faucet to conserve the rest of the fresh water.  

"All I'll tell you is that he said he still cares for humanity even if the Titans are his main priority at the moment."  You clenched the towel and the water began to scatter around your boots.  
 You became fed up with the commanders attitude and departed from the room with his eyes following your every movement.  Your breathing became heavy as you approached the back doorway to the outside courtyard.  You pushed open the door gently and saw Hanji and Eren sitting together at the table with Hanji holding onto the younger male's arm.  You carefully made your way to the table ensuring that you wouldn't disturb Hanji.

"Hanji-san...I brought you a towel for your hands..."  You spoke softly behind him and he turned around.

 His glasses were pushed up to the top of his head and you could see his vision trying to focus in on you.  

"Thanks.  The blistering has gotten worse so this will help it."  He admitted as he let go of Eren's arm to grab onto the towel.

 You could feel your lips cringe at the sight of his burnt hands as soon as he began to wipe them down with the cold water.  You saw his face flush with relief as the frigid liquid soothed the pain on his hands.

"'______________', you're probably mad at me, aren't you?"  Hanji had a sweet smile on his face as he looked down at his hands.  

 You jumped a bit as it became obvious from your tone and expression that he caught on how you feel.  

"I see where you're coming from, but this is something none of us have seen before.  Of course my attention will be going to him."  Soon his voice became serious as he finally looked up at you.

 His eyes widened a bit as he saw the water starting to pour from the corners of your eyes.  You immediately latched yourself onto him with the wet towel pressed against your shirt.  

"It just reminded me last time you did something like that..."  Your voice went a bit hoarse as more tears started to pour out.  

"You don't have to remind me."  Hanji's eyes rolled a bit as he looked at Eren.

 The young boy just smiled slightly seeing you with Hanji.  

"Is it alright if I asked what happened, Hanji-san?"  You heard Eren speak up and lifted yourself off of him.  

 You got off of Hanji and sat next to him on the table seat.  One of his blistered hands grabbed onto the top of yours and clutched it tightly.  

"They day I lost Sawyer and Bean is a day that still haunts me.  I remember seeing their remains beginning to disintegrate before my eyes.  All of the steam filled the testing area and I felt like it was all a dream.  I made myself go up to the bodies to make sure they really weren't gone, but I ended giving myself burns all over the left side of my body.  My condition was pretty bad so I was put on rest for a while."

"It was probably one of the worst things I've seen in a long time.  Besides from the other time I had to save you before you got smashed to pieces."  You teased him as your other hand gave him a tiny punch in the arm.  

"Hey that one wasn't all that bad!  I at least got it to look at me!"  Hanji protested quickly and you just smiled.

"He looked at you because he was hungry."  You punched him again with another wide smile on your lips.  

"Besides this, it seems that you were able to trigger your ability somehow!"  Hanji went back onto the subject and you smiled at him and then at Eren.

"I'm still not sure how it happened this time.  Heichou had brought me something to eat while I waiting since I hadn't eaten since this morning, but when I went to pick up the spoon, everything just happened so fast and I transformed..."  Eren brought this up and your eyes gave Hanji a concerned look.

"It would be troublesome if this transformation became happened to you subconsciously.  With that in mind, you need to be prepared to be parted off to the Military Police if that is the case of your transformation.  The ruling of the Survey Corps can change within in an instance given the reports."  Hanji brought this up and it frightened Eren a bit.

"We'll make sure that doesn't happen to you."  You tried to reassure him with this fact and his head nodded slowly.

"By the way...did everything go alright, '_____________'-san?"  His familiar curiosity returned and you looked at Hanji with a smile.

"You could say that.  It took a while, but I feel better now that he knows."  You set your head on his shoulder while his hand placed itself on your shoulder.  "You'll probably know what I'll ask you, Jaegar~."  You smiled a bit as you teased him once again.

 He just put his hand behind his head with his eyes looking down at the table.

"Hm?  Ask him what?"  Hanji was very lost as he looked at the two of you.

"When I was having trouble about confessing to you, he was helping me by telling me he had a little crush on someone.  I listed a few people off, but I asked him if he had a thing for Heichou."  You smirked a bit and his whole face went crimson just like before.

"AH?!  Jaeger, do you feel that way?!?"  Hanji was very shocked as he stood up and slammed his bad hand against the table and completely ignored the pain.

"Not again...."  Eren complained as his hands covered his embarrassed face.

"I have no intentions of being with that shitty brat, '______l/n______'."  Levi was right behind you and you shuttered a bit.

"Oh come on Heichou.  You can't tell me that you don't have a little bit of attachment towards him."  You stood up from your side of the table and pulled Eren's cheeks into a smile.  

"This isn't the time to act like children."  He completely avoided the question as his eyes narrowed down further.  "I need all hands on desk to help clean the castle."

"Again..?  Didn't we just-"

"We'll get right on it, Heichou!"  You covered Eren's mouth and he just left the three of you.

 A sigh of relief escaped your lips as you uncovered the young male's mouth.

"Eren, I would have thought by now you would have known about Levi."  Hanji stood up from the bench and began to mess around with his burned hands.

"Known what exactly?"

 You and Hanji gave him a death glare and he shivered a bit.

"Heichou is an extremely OCD person about keeping things clean.  You'll see how much we have to clean as long as he's with us."  You just patted his back and stood by Hanji.  "Come on.  I know we just did it a few days ago, but we better get to it."

 Eren followed behind obediently as you and Hanji lead him.  He looked down and saw your hands were connected, but very softly so that you wouldn't bring more pain to his hand.

"I got it!!"  You suddenly shouted and turned your head back towards Eren.  "If you really want Heichou, you should dress up as a maid and-"

"I don't love Heichou!!!"  His face was completely flustered.

 You just held up a victory sign as your teasing was getting the best of him.  

"'_______________', are you ready for the expedition next month?  Not to mention the new recruits coming in."  Hanji whispered to you and you had to think about this for a moment.  

"I'm not really sure what this one will be about.  If it's like the others, we'll just be in the forest again to do some more field work and killing."  

"Do you think by then Eren will figure it out?"

"I sure hope so.  With his determination, it won't take him long to find a way."  You looked at him for a second and smiled.    

"Tomorrow we'll start the real research."  He gave you a confident look and you nodded your head.
Male!Hanji x Reader One-Shot Part 2: Testing
This is Part 2 for The Big One commission for :iconartisan-garden:!!  I hope you enjoy it and look for the final part!!
"Are you telling my man sl*t brother is in a mall jail while '____________' is stuck with two used tampons?!?"  Sock was shouting at Breeches' computer in rage.

"Apparently so...The audio from the camera didn't come in very well, but you can see that-"

"Shut the f*ck up, Geek Girl!  I know what I saw and I'm going over there to kick there asses straight back to Hell!!"  The Goth was ready to storm out, but Suspender tried to keep him calm.

 Breeches was worried since you and Boxer had been out for so long.  She ended up finding a way to hack into the security system of the mall cameras and saw everything that happened; even out in the parking lot.

"And once I'm done with them, I'm going to f*cking slaughter Boxer!!"  Sock then had his anger targeted towards Boxer as he saw the screen where Boxer was in the mall.  

"Save your brotherly love until he gets back, idiot."  Suspender continued to keep the brother relaxed.  

"Where is she now?"  The angel took a deep breath before hovering over Breeches' shoulder to look at the screen.  


 You were lagging behind Sparse and Knee Length with Fastener in your arms.  Their conversation mostly contained various insults directed towards Boxer and Sock as well as their complete hatred towards them.

"And let's not forget that unflattering style they bear onto their bodies.  I've seen swine pull off a better look than them."  Sparse felt pride in his remark and gave out a small chuckle.  "Right, '____________'?  Don't you agree?"  His head turned to you slightly and you just remain in your silent position.  

 He gave a slight response of his tongue clicking against his teeth in an annoyed matter.

"We're together with her to relieve her of the chaos she is exposed of, Sparse.  This isn't the matter of reminding her of those troubling times."  The twin next to Sparse spoke up after he adjusted the framed lens on his eyes.

"I must regrettably agree on your statement, Knee Length.  I can't help it when we talk about those angels though; it's like a new instinct on whim."  Sparse held a smirk and Knee Length returned the sly gesture.  

"Since we got this out of our system..."  Knee Length suddenly stopped in walking and his brother looked behind him to see his movement stop.

 The blue haired male stood briefly with his back to you once he turned on his foot and took hold of your hand.

"Why don't we treat you to a well deserved shopping spree?"  His red hand took a gentle grasp along your fingers and you just looked down at his hand.

 Your head nodded slightly and a faint smile appeared on his lips.  

"I'm afraid those clothes that you have dressed yourself in are quite unacceptable to our r~ules...."  His tone lowered a bit before raising your hand a little bit higher in the air.

"You always come up with the best ideas, brother!"  Sparse also held a slight smile on his lips as he held his hands together in admiration.

 Soon you were being taken to the remodeled stores that had easily replaced the "raunchy" stores that lined the walls.  The Flaming Topic you saw early was replaced with a very expensive brand name store.  That new branded store was your first stop with the demon brothers.  This turned out to be more of their shopping trip than yours.  You sat on a plush round seat with Fastener still in your grasp.  The two of them were going through the racks and presenting their findings to you.  

"What do you think of this one, '____________'?  This one will still show off your curves and still give you dignity."  Sparse held up a long sleeve dress that had a very short lower part.  

"Or this one?  The belt will cover most of your waist giving you even more of a skinny appearance."  Knee Length held up an outfit that was on a display hanger.  

 You sat there in total silence with your eyes scanning each of the outfits they picked out.  

"There's no need to hold your tongue.  We will buy both of the is that's what you truly desire."  The green haired male took the hanger from brother and held both of them in his hands.

"I don't care..."  Your voice mumbled softly and each of them inched closer.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that."  They both spoke in sync with somewhat curious expressions.

"I said that it doesn't matter to me.  You guys can do what you want."  You gave out a sigh and looked down at the red thing in your arms.  

 You smiled a bit as he reminded you a lot of Chuck.  You quickly rose to your feet and headed towards the exit.

"Wait.  Where do you think you're heading to?"  Sparse questioned you in a serious tone before catching up to you and setting his hand on your shoulder.  

"I just want to walk around by myself."  You spoke casually as your shoulder shook him off.  

"I'm afraid we can't allow you to do that; especially if you're trying to go see Box Spring."  Knee Length was behind the two of you with the clothing they picked out.

"Boxer.  His name is Boxer."  You gritted your teeth together as you gave both of them a glare.  

"Well whatever his name may be, it doesn't give you an excuse of leaving to go and see him."  

"If you guys really want me to be happy, then you would let me see him just for a little while."  Your words began to twist their minds a bit and they each clicked their tongues.  

"Fine, but then you must vow to give us your full attention and cooperation while the three of us are together."  Sparse held up his hand in order to make an agreement.

 You just turned yourself around a little bit and gave his hand a smack instead of a shake.  He was a bit perturbed by your attitude towards him, but lead the way with Knee Length by his side.  You all made it to the very back of the mall where two familiar cops stood outside a large cell.  This kind of thing was a bit to the extreme in your standards, but these are demons who like order and rules we are talking about.  

"You can have ten minutes."  Knee Length held up his wrist to look at his watch.

"Twenty."  You spoke in a bland tone and each of them flinched.

"Ten."  Both of them spoke together with glaring eyes.

"Thirty.  I can keep going if you wish."  You didn't bother to turn towards them as you began to get frustrated.

"You can have thirty minutes then.  If we see you try anything, we will depart at once."  Sparse was being serious in his words as you went up towards the cell.  

 The two bulky guards shifted to the side a bit as you went up the massive cell.

"Boxer?"  You questioned silently to see him sitting down in a single chair.

 His head raised up immediately with a glow in his eyes.

"'____________'!!"  He felt relieved to see your face and stood up out of his chair.  

 Boxer came rushing towards the steel bars with his handcuffs rattling in the cage.  His eyes were shining with glee as you stood before him.

"They haven't done anything to you, right?"  Your eyes were going up and down his body to make sure.

"No.  But...I know those ass holes behind you will eventually do something to me."  He glared behind you to see the smirking demons.    
"Don't say something so obscure.  We won't harm you unless she instructs us to."  Sparse came up behind you and placed both hands on your shoulder.

"Get your f*cking hands off her!!"  Boxer's restraints rattled against the metal bars.

"Hmm?  Does it irritate you when I do this?"  The demon's hands slowly started to travel down your body slowly.

 You were frozen as one hand stopped near your chest and the other was on your hip.  You began to shake yourself around to get him off, but his grip got tighter around both areas he had his hands on.  

"Brother dear, I would sto-"

"Are you just drowning in jealousy right now?!  Seeing that your precious one is in the hands of another man.  Unlike your disgusting brother, my lovely sibling can control himself."  Sparse's hand on your hips started to squeeze it a bit and you were twitching.

"I don't care about your d*ck of a brother!!  The only one who can bash Sock is myself!  So don't ever say another f*cking word about him!!!"  Boxer's hands were slamming desperately against the steel.    

"That's not the answer I had in mind for you, but whatever.  I hope that you continue to enjoy yourself in that pathetic cell of yours."  Sparse lifted one hand off of you and gave Boxer a very fake smile and wave.

 The hand near your chest area held onto you tightly as he took you with him.  Boxer's hands gripped against the bars as he watched you being taken away again.

"You told me I could have thirty minutes you f*cker!!!"  Your mouth cursed out and all of the males looked towards you.

 Sparse immediately let go of you and gave your face a hard smack on the cheek.  Knee Length stood there with his eyes glaring down at his brother's unnecessary actions.  

"You're obviously tainted with their influence.  I think it's about time that you gave us a bit of respect for what we've done for you."  Sparse gave a serious expression as he stared you down.

 Your eyes glared right back at him as you returned your frustrated glare.  Your foot tripped him and you watched him hit the floor.  Knee Length came rushing to his brother's side to help him off the ground.  Fastener was still in your arms as he popped out and sat on top of your head.  His tiny little arms were mocking the twins on the ground as Sparse made it to his feet.  Knee Length rushed to retrieve the tiny creature from the top of your head and was ready to throw it in the cell with Boxer.  You managed to catch Fastener before he could have been tossed out.  

"What is that matter with the two of you?  First off I didn't want to be with you freaks!  I don't understand why you couldn't have carried on with your own damn business!"  You became furious as you held Fastener in your grip.

"Our jobs are to bring order to this chaotic place.  Even if that means doing it by force."  Knee Length stood with his arms crossed as he stared you down intensely.  "A human like you wouldn't understand a demon's work.  We even gave our efforts to ensure that you wouldn't fall down the sinful path in which the angels were taking."  He began to walk closer to you while taking off his glasses.

 His hand reached towards your cheek and caressed it gently.  

"I guess this means we have to make you listen by force."  His eyes narrowed down at you and then shoved you away.  

 You were expecting an all out brawl to occur, but the total opposite happen.  Knee Length put his frames back over his eyes before going towards one of the guards.  In his hand was a key to Boxer's cell.  Sparse and you just gave him a silent look as the key was inserted into the door and opened.  He grabbed Boxer immediately and pulled him out.  Another key on the loop was used and released Boxer from his confinement.  Boxer didn't give a second thought before shoving Fastener out of your grasp and pulling you into a embrace.

"It doesn't matter if I was in there for five or even ten minutes, I won't stay away form you."  His voice whispered gently into your ear and you could feel your heart beat.

"Take this a lesson learned, '_______________'.  The next time we shall meet, you won't be forgiven so easily.  You'll see; you will choose the path of the demons and assist in bringing order to this dreadful world."  Knee Length stuffed the keys in his pocket with Sparse by his side.  

 Not another word was exchanged as Boxer took hold of your wrist and dragged you out with him.

"Brother, I'm not sure I quite understand your purpose.  We had her in perfect timing in order to claim her as ours."  Sparse stood there with half a baffled look mixed with his half angered look.

"You obviously let your emotions get in the way.  Not only that, this isn't the precise time I thought we had..."  The blue haired male adjusted his glasses.

"Don't tell me that you couldn't indulge in that suffering he had~?"  Sparse grinned slightly as he put one hand on his hip.

 Knee Length just stood there in silence and picked up the tiny red creature.  

"You will see we shall get more opportunities, Sparse.  Our plan was heading towards failure in any scenario you could have imagined.  All we can do is conduct more planning and wait...So far the best solution we can do is send more ghosts and track them as much as possible..."


 You sat in a dead silent car with Boxer as he was really ticked off.  The wind coming in from the top of the car did help calm you down a bit.  

"I'm sorry..."  You spoke faintly and he raised an eyebrow at you.

"I don't get why you're the one f*cking apologizing to me.  It's not you're fault that those two d*cks got us into that situation."  Boxer kept one hand on the steering wheel while the other hung on the side of his door.  

"I feel like someone has to say it if those two won't say it..."  You titled your seat a bit back so you could get yourself relaxed.  

"It doesn't really matter now.  That sh*t is in the past now.  We just have to watch out constantly now.  Especially if they try to lay another f*cking finger on you.."  He began to get himself irritated thinking about what Sparse had done.

"I'm not sure if this will be close to right, but since you're angels, do you think they have weapons like you guys do?  It would only make sense."

"Hell if I know.  I've never ran into demons until now.  But with just my f*cking luck, they probably do..."  

"Yeah...Besides this...I was thinking we could try going on another date soon.  Since this one went down the drain."  You smiled at him as your head turned to face him.

 His face lit up a bit as he nodded his head in agreement.  See-Through was parked in the underground garage and Boxer opened your door.  The two of you walked together with calm and collected expression as you walked into the main floor of the church.

"Hey, b*tches, I'm-"

"YOU F*CKING IDIOT!!"  Sock came rushing to Boxer as he tossed Chuck at his head.

 Boxer easily dodged the green creature, but it ended up hitting you on top of your head.  You held out your arms as Chuck plopped into your arms and had a proud stance.  Sock was able to recover from his missed shot and grabbed onto Boxer's shirt collar.  He rammed his head against the blonde's ferociously and caused an aching sensation to shoot into both of their heads, but Sock acted like it was nothing.

"I knew you would still be a f*cking man sl*t!!  I saw all that diddling you did in the parking lot!!  You're lucky I didn't come over there and beat your ass!!"  

 This rage from Sock was a bit extreme as he kept pounding his head into Boxer's.  You split them up and had Boxer laying in your arms as he was knocked out cold.  

"You saw us...?"  You questioned softly and Sock recollected himself.

 His hands slid against one another as if he was wiping dirt off of them.  

"We had Geek Girl with us.  What in the right mind would you think we wouldn't be able to see?"  His turquoise eyes shined a bit as he raised one eyebrow.

 Your cheeks were flushed red while Chuck was struggling to get out from under the blonde angel.  Immediately your mind went straight back to play the slideshow of what happened in the parking lot.  

"I-I'm sorry, '___-__________'...S-Sock forced me t-to do it!!"  Breeches came rushing towards you and was bowing on the ground.

"You f-"

"It's alright, Breeches.  Right, Sock?"  You gave her a smile as your eyes shot Sock an intense glare.  

 He clicked his tongue in irritation with his head turned the other way.

"You can head home now and please, return the cameras to normal."  Your gaze was back on Breeche with a brighter look.

 She quickly nodded her head before leaving the area to go get her computer.  

"Come on, help me carry him back..."  You walked towards Sock with a monotone voice as you made him hold one side of Boxer.          
Boxer and Sock Reader Insert Ch.7: Affection
This is Ch.7 of Boxer and Sock Reader Insert!!  I apologize for this being so late due to things happening in school and other stuff.  I hope you enjoy it and look for future chapters!!


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6.) I love my video games!
7.) I love to listen to K-Pop and J-Pop
8.) My Instgram: jharding99
9.) My first anime and manga: Soul Eater
10. Favorite anime: Ouran High School Host Club
11.) Favorite manga: Durarara!!
12.) :iconterraki: and :iconxxworld-destroyerxx: are two of my awesome friends
13.) I have a Lunaescence account too!…
14.) Just ran out of facts so just gonna...yeah...

Shingeki no Kyojin Armin Stamp by LinaLeeLShingeki no Kyojin - Mikasa by LinaLeeLStamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiroShingeki no Kyojin Eren Stamp by LinaLeeLShingeki no Kyojin Levi Stamp by LinaLeeL

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Hey there Rice Bowls!  Yes, unfortunately I'm putting Boxer and Sock on Hiatus since my ideas for the series are starting to run dry.  I have the next chapter laid out, but the plot after that I have no idea what to do.  It's more of a writers block, but I can still write one-shots and finish up commissions.  So until I can think of a good plot for that, it will be on Hiatus!!  My plan at the moment is to release more one-shots since those ideas are still fresh in my mind and I've been typing them up so I don't forget them.  I'm sorry to do this, but with finals starting to slowly creep and stalk me, I want to be ready for those and also some things have been happening in my personal life that have kind of got me in a 'let's procrastinate on updates' mood.  I hope you guys understand how sorry I am about this and I hate not being able to think of anything or not updating on a series.  Hopefully I can get some one-shots out tonight since those can keep me chugging along.  I shall see you guys next update!!    
Hey Rice-Bowls!  So after searching through the internet as usual, I found my old Lunaescence account which I DEFINITELY did not forget about :D  And what's so great about that?  For those who are my earlier watchers may recall that deep dark spot in my soul where I wrote lemons for a while.  I eventually took them all down so that I didn't risk getting suspended after one had been reported and deleted from this account.  Lucky for anyone who read the first three will now be able to have access to them once again!!  I still have those first three lemons saved in word documents since they were probably the longest one-shots I had written.  Now you guys can live your strange fantasy of being with a fictional character in an alternate dimension (It sounds better out loud....)!  Also I should note that if you have been paying attention at all to this journal that you should NOT report that account as plagiarism and that it's a simple backup place where I can update my stories.  It is my personal account and you pretty much get the gist of it by now.  I do have my DA linked in that bio as well as the link to that account for the bio on the account.  So if you want to see some old stories, some new stories, or just want another place where you can access them, then feel free to look for that account!  The pen-name of my account is Wandering-Exorcist and I'm planning on changing my name on DA to that once I get a premium account!  Until then, happy readings my Rice Bowls and I shall see you on the next update!!        
Here's a link for you lovely…

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